Next Meeting

NEXT MEETING: February 4th, 6pm 51st State Brewing Company

Interested in Joining?

Interested in Joining?

Membership Dues are $10 per year and good from Jan 1-Dec 31 of each year. Use the contact form on the sidebar to get the ball rolling. Upon receiving dues, you will get a membership card that you will need to get your discounts. If you are interested in learning more about the club, but don't want to submit dues, you can also sign up for our email listing, or just come to a club event. We welcome beer/wine enthusiasts as well as home brewers and wine/mead/cider/ sake makers.

Benefits include: 10% off brewing and wine making supplies at Riverside Liquor in Spread Eagle.

5% off brewing and wine making supplies at the House of Homebrew in Green Bay.

Spouses and SO are included in the membership.

Friday, January 24, 2020

We're making a comeback!

Hi fellow home brewers! TCF is going to come out of hibernation for a meeting and event in February.
Feb 4th, 6pm at 51st State Brewing Company. We will have a re-organizational meeting/social. Come on out and help us re-launch the club.
Feb 22nd, 11am Dead of Winter Stout Competition and Chili Cook-offs returns to the home of Edward Mathis in Beecher, WI. Check out the website for details. 
This year, we will have free entries for both beer and chili.
Contact the Czar for more details.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dues Renewal Special for January

Hi all,
It is that time of year to renew your dues to the club.  This year, I'm running a January special in which your can renew or sign up for $15 through 2018.  OR you can renew for the standard $10 through the end of 2017.  Send your dues to Edward Mathis, N16564 Vinger Lane, Beecher, WI 54156 and I will send you your updated membership card.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dead of Winter Stout Competition Date/Location is now finalized

The 2017 Dead of Winter Stout Competition and Chili Cook-off will be held at 11am on January 28th at the home of Edward Mathis in Beecher, WI.  Please make plans to attend this event.  Details on the event can be found here.  Please complete the registration form located in our links sidebar if you plan to make a stout or chili.  We are also looking for judges for both stout and chili.  Thanks!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Website changes

Hello all,
I've recently completed an update of the website to make it easier for posting.  Due to problems with the security of yahoo accounts, I've moved to new website to a new location.  I've also streamlined the page for easier navigation.  I know that there has been limited website activity and these changes should help with communication.
Edward Mathis
TCF Czar