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NEXT MEETING: Dead of Winter Stout Competition, 11am, January 28th, 2017. Location: Home of Edward Mathis in Beecher, WI.

Interested in Joining?

Interested in Joining?

Membership Dues are $10 per year and good from Jan 1-Dec 31 of each year. Use the contact form on the sidebar to get the ball rolling. Upon receiving dues, you will get a membership card that you will need to get your discounts. If you are interested in learning more about the club, but don't want to submit dues, you can also sign up for our email listing, or just come to a club event. We welcome beer/wine enthusiasts as well as home brewers and wine/mead/cider/ sake makers.

Benefits include: 10% off brewing and wine making supplies at Riverside Liquor in Spread Eagle.

5% off brewing and wine making supplies at the House of Homebrew in Green Bay.

Spouses and SO are included in the membership.

2017 Dead of Winter Stout Competition

This specialty stout competition will be held 11am, January 28th at the home of Edward Mathis, in Beecher, Wisconsin.  This contest is open to all homebrewers of legal age.  This concept behind this contest is to make a creative Stout that best fits the theme of the contest.  Entries will be judged at a group of Stout enthusiasts.  This will NOT be a BJCP sanctioned competition and will NOT be judged by BJCP judges.  Basically this is your chance to to throw caution to the wind and make a really interesting stout.  So while you should follow basic stout guidelines, such as use of roasted barley and creating a beer dark brown to black in color, the rest is completely open to your own interpretation of the style, including what you do to make your beer stand out.  

RULES for 2017: You will need to submit 4 10-12 oz bottles, OR 2 22 oz. bottles, OR 1 half to one gallon growler. You will also be allowed to enter up to five beers this year as well.   Entry fee will be $5. 
ALSO:Didn't have time to brew?  That's ok.  This year we will continue the Chili Cook-off.  Bring your chili (preferably in a crock pot) to be judged in a Best of Show format.  At this point, we do not have any rules regarding the chili and entry is free.  The leftover beer and chili will be served as a post-competition meal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the competition organizer. 
If you cannot attend the event, send your entries to:
Edward Mathis
N16564 Vinger Lane
Beecher, WI 54156

Ribbons will be given to the top three beers and top three chilis. 
Good luck and start brewing!
If you are entering, please complete the following form and email it to the competition organizer and attach the bottle ID with a rubber band to your entry. Please fully describe your entry; for example: "Imperial Eisbock Stout with Cranberries and Nutmeg"  Please consider bringing a dish to pass for a potluck meal after the event.

Stout Judging Criteria:
AROMA: Please rate 
(7) Wonderful, harmonious blend of roast, malts, and specialty ingredients that make you want to keep smelling.
(5) Smells quite good, but lacks the intangible to make it great.
(3) Average, nothing really stands out for better or worse.
(2) Acceptable, but flavors do not seem to blend well together.  May be one-dimensional.
(1) Fair to Poor, Off aroma detected suggesting a possible infection.

COLOR: Please rate 
(1) This is dark enough to be a stout.
(0) This is not dark enough and could be a porter or a brown ale.

CLARITY: Please rate 
(1) Appropriate.
(0) Not what I would expect from a stout.

HEAD (Retention, color, texture) : Please rate 
(1) Appropriate.
(0) Lacking.

FLAVOR: Please rate
(14) Wonderful, harmonious blend of roast, malts, hops, and specialty ingredients that make you want to keep drinking.
(12) Flavor is Excellent but does not quite the flavor of a world class stout.
(10) Very Good flavor, but not great with appropriate roastiness
(8) This is better than average, but seems more porter like, lacking the expected roast.
(6) This is about average, nothing really stands out.
(4) Acceptable, but flavors do not seem to blend well together.  May be one-dimensional.
(3) This beer has minor flaws that detract from the flavor
(1) Fair to Poor, Off flavor detected suggesting a possible infection.

DRINKABILITY: Please rate your overall drinking pleasure 
(5) Extraordinary
(4) Excellent
(3) Very Good
(2) Acceptable
(1) Deficient

(7) This a world class winter stout with and outstanding blend of complexity, body, and warmth.
(5) While this is quite good, it does not quite approach the world class level.
(3) This is about average and could benefit from more complexity.
(2) Lacking on my expectations of what a winter stout should be.
(1) Nice try, but this beer needs to be re-worked.

CREATIVITY: Please rate the overall level of creativity of this entry
(12) Joe Short hasn't done this and would be shocked at how creative this beer is.
(10) I have NEVER seen nor heard anything similar to this beer being produced commercially.
(8) This is a very creative entry that has RARELY produced in a similar fashion
(6) This is a very creative entry that has been INFREQUENTLY produced in a similar fashion
(4) Good use of specialty ingredients, but this has been done before.
(1) This is a standard stout without use of specialty ingredients.

(2) I would buy a bomber or 4-pack every year
(1) I would buy a bomber or 4-pack once
(0) I would not buy this, sorry!

Past Winners:
DOW Stout VIII Winners (3 entries)
1st Place, Dan Pipp, Smoked Oatmeal Stout
2nd Place, Brandon Kolbe, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Stout
3rd Place, Edward Mathis, Imperial Stout Brackett
Chili Cook-off (5 entries)
Champion, Dan Pipp
2nd Place, Edward Mathis
3rd Place, Michelle Mathis

DOW Stout VII Winners-2015 (10 entries)
1st Place, Edward Mathis, TCF, Lemon Pepper Sweet Stout
2nd Place, Josh Marenger, Bay de Noc Brewers, Pink Peppercorn Sweet Stout
3rd Place, Edward Mathis, TCF, Basil Peanut Sweet Stout
Chili Cook-off (5 entries)
Champion, Karol Domitrovich
2nd Place, Gary Lindow
3rd Place, Michelle Mathis

DOW Stout VI Winners-2014 (12 entries)
1st Place: Edward Mathis/Rob Hibbard/Clark Torma, TCF, Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout 
2nd Place: John Rugotzke, BIER, Maple, Bacon, and Coffee Stout 
3rd place: Brandon Kolbe, Appleton, Russian Imperial Stout

DOW Stout V Winners-2013 (11 entries)
1st Place: Sam Hennessee, Menasha, Appleton ALEs, Imperial Black IPA
2nd Place: Mike Miller, Escanaba, TCF, Chocolate Wintergreen Stout
3rd Place: Edward Mathis, Beecher, TCF, American Stout with Cacao Nibs and Dried Chili

DOW Stout IV Winners-2012 (19 entries)
1st Place: Al Ewan, Rhinelander, TCF/BIER, Banana Rye Stout
2nd Place: John Rugotzke, Rhinelander, TCF/BIER, Sour-mashed Stout with Indian Sarsaparilla
3rd Place: John Rugotzke, Rhinelander TCF/BIER, Smoked Imperial Stout with double bacon

DOW Stout III Winners-2011 (12 entries)
1st Place: Edward Mathis, Beecher; TCF, Mezza Luna Red Wine & Oatmeal Stout
2nd Place: Edward Mathis, Beecher; TCF, Belgian Pumpkin-Spiced Strong Stout
3rd Place: Josh Marenger, Escanaba; TCF, Orange Chocolate Stout

DOW Stout II Winners-2010 (17 entries)
1st Place: Ben Harris, Escanaba; TCF, Bourbon Vanilla Stout
2nd Place: Brandon Kolbe, Appleton; Appleton Libation Enthusiasts, Imperial Coffee Stout
3rd Place: Josh Margenger, Escanaba, TCF, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sweet Stout

DOW Stout I Winners-2009 (7 entries)
1st Place: Tim Eichinger, Pembine and Jon Coyne, Iron Mountain;  TCF, Fat Elvis Fortified Stout; Stout with Vanilla and Kahlua
2nd Place: Cindy Kolbe, Appleton; Appleton Libation Enthusiasts, Cindy's Irish Breakfest Stout; Sweet Stout with Vanilla and Coffee
3rd Place: Edward Mathis, Beecher; TCF, Czar Edward I's Imperial Spruce Stout; Strong Stout with Spruce Tips

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